Lee Dodson (CEO of Skygate) has been representing PEI and Summerside at the annual Unmanned Canada Drone Conference & Trade Show in Ottawa, presenting advanced drone technologies in the agriculture, mapping and inspection service sectors. Skygate’s new high-end TV & film drone support services (delivering 6K ‘cinema grade’ video) has also been well received in support the region’s film industry.

Transport Canada were represented for discussions on new drone safety regulations, countermeasures and surveillance technologies, advanced pilot skills training, and the future of BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) drone operations.

Lee also had the opportunity to present competency based drone training concepts at the ‘Collège La Cité’ Police and First Responder training centre, and how drones can be used in education for immersive learning.

Lee is the leading ‘Advanced Drone Instructor’ and Transport Canada certified reviewer for the region and is working with partners to develop specialist training services and drone skills for SME and training institutes throughout the Maritimes.

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